Individual pilates

Private sessions are individualised trainings tailored to your body type and characteristics, taking place on our Pilates equipment. The training begins with the client's postural assessment of muscular imbalances, the basis for the creation of a modified training programme. Private classes are becoming more and more popular, offering an exclusive personal approach that can greatly complement all professional sports, different forms of recreation, and any kind of rehabilitation process. Hands on sessions guarantee long-term success whether you are an athlete trying to improve your results, suffer from back, shoulder, knee or hip pain, or simply want to get your body back in shape. Certified instructors with international accreditation can offer their vast knowledge and years of experience from different fields including physiotherapy, medicine, and sports. Their priority is helping clients achieve the desired goals while striving for constant progress.

Private sessions last 55 minutes. Instructors use all four available Pilates machines and different props, including the Spine corrector, Spine supporter, Arc Barrel, and the Jumping board. Use of socks is required for hygienic and safety reasons.


A thorough body analysis reveals its condition, muscle shortenings, and strains. Learn more about muscle weakness, shifted body's centre of gravity, poor postural signs and how to improve body awareness and proprioception. The body analysis helps our certified instructors determine your body type and modify exercises safely and effectively to achieve muscular balance and symmetry.

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