Špela Jakša

B.A. in Biochemistry
STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor
GYROTONIC® Certified Instructor
Trigger point therapist
NKT Level 1 practitioner

Špela Jakša, the founder, and director of Peti element had an inherent desire to lead ever since she was little, and her wish came true in 2003. Hard work, perseverance and a clear vision of the future helped her gain enough knowledge and experience to create Peti element. Before she met with the STOTT PILATES method by chance, she was already an established Pilates instructor with several years of experience collaborating with Fuchs physiotherapy. The revolutionary discovery of the STOTT PILATES method made her realise how Pilates methods vary in their quality. Later on, after completing the full certification in STOTT PILATES abroad, she focused on post-rehabilitation and the GYROTONIC® method. Today, the whole Peti element team are certified STOTT or GYROTONIC instructors, setting new standards with an unparalleled level of quality knowledge.


  • November 2004, Aerobics instructor course (Gimnastična zveza Slovenije),
  • January 2006, licenčni seminar za strokovne kadre v aerobiki,
  • May 2006, Pilates instructor course (Pilates Coach),
  • December 2006, refresh pilates (Lincoln Park Athletic Club, Chicago, US),
  • January 2007, licenčni seminar za strokovne kadre v aerobiki,
  • February 2007, The Pilates Coach Fitball, The Pilates Coach standing,
  • September 2007, Pilates flow,
  • December 2007, Pilates band,
  • March 2008, Stretch & Relax,
  • October 2008, Tibetan exercises course (Pilates holistični center),
  • March 2009, Pilates with props, Kevin A. Bowen (Pilates Institute, Miami, Florida),
  • March 2009, Exercising in the prenatal and postnatal period course (DFS-SZ),
  • September 2009, STOTT PILATES mat course (Zagreb, Croatia),
  • November 2009, STOTT PILATES Reformer course (London, UK),
  • May 2010, STOTT PILATES Cadillac, Chair, Barrel course (Toronto, Canada),
  • October 2010, STOTT PILATES Injury and special population course (Witney, UK),
  • February 2011, Progressive pilates (Zagreb, Croatia),
  • May 2011, Progressive training programming, Mirela Anić (Zagreb, Croatia),
  • May 2011, Art of cueing, Mirela Anić (Zagreb, Croatia),
  • May 2011, Pelvic floor muscles, Mirela Anić (Zagreb, Croatia).
  • April 2011, STOTT PILATES symposium (Essen, Germany),
  • November 2011, STOTT PILATES symposium (London, UK),
  • January 2012, STOTT PILATES workshop (New York, US),
  • April 2012, Trigger points with Heidi Tanna, Module 1 (Fizioterapevtska zbornica Slovenije),
  • May 2012, STOTT PILATES Injury and special population izobraževanje (Zagreb, Croatia),
  • November 2012, Prenatal workout course (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • November 2012, Biomehanika in metodika funkcionalnega treninga (Ljubljana, Slovenija),
  • November 2012, Mobilit and stability of the lumbo-pelvic region predela (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • November 2012, Body weight funtional training (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • December 2012, Small props in the matwork repertoire (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • May 2013, Pelvic floor (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • June 2013, Classical or Swedish massage course (Maribor, Slovenia),
  • June 2013, Physiotherapy practice, Dr. Adolf Drolc heath centre (Maribor, Slovenia),
  • April 2014, Prenatal and postnatal workout (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • April 2014, Progressive functional training on the mat (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • April 2014, Stability cushions (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • May 2014, Authentic pilates (München, Germany),
  • May 2014, Physiotherapy practice, Celje hospital (Celje, Slovenia),
  • May 2014, Prevention and treatment of injuries of the knee in athletes (ZVD, Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • June 2014, Physiotherapy practice, Šmarješke toplice (Terme Krka),
  • June 2014, Physiotherapy practice, Thermana Laško (Laško, Slovenia),
  • July 2014, Pilates & Gyrotonic (Marylebone Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, London, UK),
  • November 2014, Gyrotonic pre-training (Trst, Italy),
  • January 2015, Prevention and treatment of lower back pain (ZVD, Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • February 2015, Gyrotonic foundation (Trst, Italy),
  • March 2015, Biomechanic course, Sally Belanger (Brno, Czech),
  • March 2015, Gait analysis, Sally Belanger (Brno, Czech),
  • April 2015, Plyometrics, kondicijski trener Igor Blažinčić (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • May 2015, Gyrotonic consultation, Cherie DeHaven (London, UK),
  • June 2015, Physiotherapy practice, UKC Maribor (Maribor, Slovenia),
  • August 2015, Gyrotonic consultation, Core Fitness Physiotherapy (Singapore),
  • September 2015, Gyrotonic Supervised Apprentice Hours (Gyrotonic in the fields, UK),
  • April 2016, Physiotherapy practice at CIRIUS, in Kamnik (Zavod za usposabljanje Invalidne mladine Kamnik),
  • June 2016, Gyrotonic consultation, Manuela Rojko Schranz (Graz, Austria),
  • June 2016, Gyrotonic Level I Certification Course (Münstertal, Germany),
  • March 2017, How to safely move and train client with herniated disk injury, Sally Belanger (Ljubljana, Slovenija),
  • March 2017, Efficient programm­ing when assessing pos­tural issues, Sally Belanger (Ljubljana, Slovenija),
  • June 2017, GYROTONIC Application for Shoulder Girdle, Paul Horvath (Bad Krozingen, Nemčija),
  • October 2017, Neurokinetic Therapy® 2 (Amsterdam, Nizozemska),
  • October 2017, GYROTONIC Application for Scoliosis, Paul Horvath (Bad Krozingen, Nemčija),
  • November 2017, GYROTONIC Level 2 Program 1 Course, Arsinoi Tsakalogianni (Atene, Grčija),
  • December 2017, GYROTONIC Level 2 Program 2 Course, Arsinoi Tsakalogianni (Atene, Grčija),
  • June 2018, Temporomandibular joint in a relationship with neck, Branka Slakan Jakovljević (Ljubljana, Slovenija),
  • Februar 2019, Injury and rehabilitation, Sally Belanger (Ljubljana, Slovenija),
  • October 2019, Confident birth, Heidi Hanevold (Ljubljana, Slovenija),
  • October 2019, Manual approaches to treatment of the rib cage and breathing, Respiratory physiotherapy (UKC Ljubljana).

Peti element presents STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® technique according to international standards. For holistic approach we also offer post-rehabilitation, massage, trigger point therapy, fascial and connective tissue release and NMT therapies.

Peti element studio
Barjanska 62, 1000 Ljubljana